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Grand Pasture


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Grand Teton NP, WY

Captured on 100% analog photography equipment on 4x5 transparency film, Grand Pasture continues to be a timeless collector favorite.

"My goal was to shoot the bison with the Grand Tetons in the background. I had been moving with the herd as they grazed along the valley with their newborn calves and I could only carry 10 sheets of film with me at a time. Leaving my camera set up on my tripod I made the trek to change film back at my car which was about a half mile away by that time. When I returned, for better or worse, the herd had stop moving and in fact was now surrounding my gear and grazing quite contently. Patience is truly a virtue when capturing compelling images of nature and this was no exception. After patiently waiting for some time, as they have done for centuries before, the herd began to roam beyond the frame of my camera. I quickly gathered my gear, loaded a fresh sheet of film and recorded the image."

250 Limited Edition / 13 Artist Proof

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