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California Poppies

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Dazzling displays of color leap from this image tantalizing the senses with a full spectrum of vibrant color. California Poppies in full super bloom display carpet the mountainsides of Point Mugu State Park in an area previously devastated by wildfire. Indeed nature's ability to regenerate is truly inspiring, a metaphorical reminder of resilience in the face of adversity! When I found this particular field of flowers so beautifully layered up the slopes of the hillside, I was stopped in my tracks. I wanted to capture the flowers from my feet to the horizon and I immediately knew a vertical panoramic would best suit the situation. Careful not to damage any blooms, I set up my tripod amongst the flowers to be perfectly level, ensuring I would be successful in creating such a tack sharp hi-resolution composite photograph. I couldn't be happier with the resulting image as it truly brings the viewer into the field and amongst the flowers. 

100 Limited Edition / 5 Artist Proof

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