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John Richter Photography utilizes the finest products available in today’s competitive and sophisticated market. Every aspect of our product is considered the gold standard of the industry from our handcrafted artisan framing to the heirloom quality silver halide Chromogenic Prints that gives John’s work a clear edge over the competition!

"Capturing the light is what I strive for every time I head into the field, for it is the light that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. When I compose a new photograph, I attempt to arrange the composition in a way that tells a story. Though I often approach a scene with a preconceived vision, my best images are often the result of pure, timeless and intuitive interpretation of my subject and the light. Every image I print is the result of this passionate pursuit full of emotion, and rich with reflection and enlightenment."

Photography as Art

It is important to remember that photography is the youngest of all collectable art forms. It has nonetheless become the art form of our time, today photography is at the forefront of any major museums’ programming. One of the wonderful things about photography is that it is still possible to build up a significant collection for relatively small sums of money. You may love Rembrandt or Matisse but for most of us that would be a fantasy collection. Fortunately, it is still possible to acquire images by the equivalent masters of photography, at an accessible level, and in a market that has so far only ever gone up in value. It is still possible to buy an important print in the $2,000 - $25,000 range, and by important, I mean a photograph that is going to have longevity not only in terms of the photograph, but also the reputation of the artist. To do this in any other medium is virtually impossible. This will of course eventually change photography as more and more collectors enter the arena and diminish the supply from the masters. This medium has enormous power and emotional interest for a large number of people. Many have had their entire sense of reality altered by what they have seen. This is what has contributed to photography’s vibrancy as a collectable art form, and will continue to do so well into the future!

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