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Forever Violet

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When I booked my first trip to Iceland I knew I wanted to go at the height of summer when the days are longest and the beautiful fields of Lupine would be blooming. I have photographed these flowers all over the Rockies and beyond but the nothing would compare to the fields we found covering the Icelandic foothills in June. As soon as we touched down I was spotting flowers growing in the disturbed volcanic soils that lined the runway and I knew my timing was going to be perfect! Searching the countryside for the perfect location was both exciting and daunting as I found the landscape to feel quite expansive and vast in a way I had rarely experienced in the lower 48. The nearly 24 hours of daylight gave us plenty of extra time to scout and put in the miles on area trails exploring new vistas.

Ultimately, it was the juxtaposition of these lush fields of flowers against the blue ice of the glaciers that captivated me and I was determined to find just the perfect composition that would feature both elements. Coming across the fields seen in Forever Violet was truly breathtaking, a moment I will never forget. I made my way through the flowers in a dry stream bed where I could avoid the shoulder to head high jungle of purple! I needed elevation to get high enough to see the foot of the beautiful Svinafell Glacier cascading down from the heights of Icelands Highest summit Hvannadalshnjúkur. As I made my way to the the view I had imagined in my dreams, the midnight sun of the summer arctic sky was growing more and more colorful! The final image was made after 11 pm when the light had peaked in color and the endless fields of flowers held perfectly still in a surreal calm of arctic bliss!

100 Limited Edition / 5 Artist Proof

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